Are you into dry brushing?

For me, it was something I wanted to get into the habit of but successfully brushed off the thoughts by not even buying one. Why ?! I was stuck in a dilemma, whether it is a needed thing or just hype !!!


When you think of dry brushing, what comes to mind – alone and lone Exfoliation? I was on the same page for a long-time. With some research, I learned about all the value it can bring to health and the body. Yes, it is the process of getting rid of dead skin while increasing circulation.

But dry brushing is not limited to solely exfoliation. Long-term benefits include: 

-help in getting rid of toxins

-lymphatic drainage 

-increase blood circulation 

-reduce the appearance of cellulite

– softer, smoother skin, and so on.

How to Dry Brush?

Always start from the feet and move the way up to the body. The direction of the stroke should be towards the heart and circular stroke on the stomach and joints.

My experience:

The very first of mine and the one I am using is from Carelavco.

 This Dry Brushing Body Brush Set comes with a big brush, a small brush for face and sensitive areas, a detachable handle for back or unreachable areas, a pair of exfoliating gloves to use in the shower, and a travel bag. 

After using it for almost three months, I am very much enjoying it as part of my routine. It’s suggested that you can use it daily, but I use it before shower, 2-3 times a week, depending on how lazy I am not (just kidding). The reason behind not incorporating it into my day-to-day pre-shower ritual is because I don’t want to irritate the skin by overdoing it. I am not still comfortable at that level.

The 5-10 minutes of this process feels very energizing, relaxing just as getting massaged at a spa minus the expenses (a zen moment). My skin has felt a lot smoother, and I am looking forward to seeing improvements in cellulite and other benefits. After the shower, do not forget to hydrate and moisturizer the body with oil, cream, lotion, or whatever you prefer using- super important.

Be gentle – Harshness can damage the skin. As well as knowing your skin or any health condition before using one is the key to experience a positive outcome.

I love my at-home spa moment with dry brushing but still too early to say whether it is a must-have or not.

So, are you a team dry brushing, or its hype? I Would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are looking to try one, you can grab this set at Amazon.

*The product was gifted but opinion is mine.


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Resveratrol 345NA Intensive Repair Cream

No, Resveratrol 345NA not the name of some celebrity child or Rocket. It is an intensive repair cream from Dr. Althea that is plant-derived, packed with amazing natural ingredients like Resveratrol, Fig, Lavender, and Turmeric among few. The cream claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps to strengthen and improve the elasticity of the skin, helps to repair damaged skin, and regenerate healthier skin cells. It is also highly effective in soothing acne and skin inflammations. Anyone who is easily irritated by fragrances in product or just does not like to use one with, this cream would be the icing on the cake. Why……because it doesn’t contain any fragrances, artificial colors, or preservatives. It is also vegan and is said to be suitable for all skin types even though it is targeted for oily, inflammatory skin.

What is Resveratrol?

It is found naturally in the skin of red grapes, berries, and peanuts. It is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties as well as reducing sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Dr. Althea’s Resveratrol 345NA Intensive Repair Cream contains resveratrol from red grapes.

 How I use it?

The days I use actives, this is my moisturizer. It instantly calms the skin. When I apply it, I don’t have to add an extra layer of other moisturizer or oil after, it does its job of providing enough hydration and leaving skin moist and gives you glowing, soft skin next morning. The best part even though it’s a repair cream and has a thick texture, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy upon application. A little amount goes a long way. Save it for the day when you feel like you have compromised your skin to too much of unnecessary products or just use it as a daily moisturizer or consider it as a rain check for the nights when you just want to cleanse and moisturizer but still wants to get benefits of hydrated, brightened, soft and smooth skin like a baby butt.

My overall experience with the cream is that my skin loves it and I think anyone who is looking to restore, rebuild, strengthen the skin barrier and bring back their skin to life will benefit from this cream.

About Dr. Althea Brand

Note: This part of the information is taken from the brand website.

Doctor represents the research and expertise in the product development process. “Althea” is the national flower of South Korea and represents the country that inspires the approach to skincare and cosmetics. The foundation of the brand is the goal to connect stunning aesthetics with innovative formulas. Dr. Althea strives to become an internationally recognized leader in Korean Beauty. Dr. Althea seeks to become a leading expert in sensitive skincare and Korean beauty. 

It is the brand’s mission to discover safe, effective, and natural ingredients to create high-quality products. Thorough research and testing methods are used to identify fundamental problems and causes behind problematic skin. Dr. Althea produces safe formulas made with natural ingredients to relieve sensitive skin or severe skin symptoms